Tuesday, August 25, 2015

God's Fullness

When I am full of God, it's just halfway,
and empty, it's just halfway emptiness,
yet halfway full is so much more, I'd say,
than halfway emptiness of Him is less.

Just as halfway sweet spring is full of hope,
so halfway full of God seems almost full,
as halfway fall resists the slippery slope,
so empty God holds back the downward pull.

God never wants to fully fill us up
and never wants to let us empty be,
He always leaves some Godness in our cup
and gives us space because He made us free.

Empty or full of halfway God or whole,
a bit of God is fullness to my soul.

                        -- by Pete Voelz            3/05

Monday, August 24, 2015

Mighty Test

In me You made, O God, a mighty test,
You gave me awe-filled freedom as my sword,
to cut through all distractions on my quest
to choose the best in service of my Lord.

You formed my freedom to make faith the first
of all the great decisions I must do,
to set myself aside and be immersed
in seeing, knowing, loving, serving You.

O God, to take the test You make me turn
to follow You or choose my own desires,
like wanting selfish things and thus to spurn
the harder, better things Your way inspires.

O God, I pray help me to take my blade,
fight for Your sake and, faithful, make the grade.

                              -- by Pete Voelz           5/07

Sunday, August 23, 2015

You and I

I am the only one who's been the I
who's lived inside of me, lo, all these years,
no other's seen the world from my own eye,
and none has felt my joy or known my tears.

You've sheltered me, O God, wherever I go,
sometimes I've been myself, sometimes Your tool,
I've been protected all this time, I know,
by family, church, my government and school.

Of course, You've helped from inside me, it's true,
and outside when I think I'm on my own,
whatever I've done, it's always been with You,
inside and out, I've never been alone.

I thank You, Lord, for all You've done for me,
may we make me who You want me to be.

                                  -- by Pete Voelz       4/09

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Just and Merciful God

O all just God, show me Your mercy please,
O God of justice, please forgive my sin,
O righteous God, calm down the threatening seas,
O Father, save me from the storm I'm in.

O God, You're famous for Your perfect justice,
I'd hate to see it mark imperfect me,
and yet I know You cannot really trust us
to judge ourselves where justice wouldn't be.

If justice is the law compassionate,
and law makes room for mercy's seasoning,
then Lord, let sweet compassion in somewhat
that tender mercy may rush in full swing.

I know, God, if Your justice has its say,
Your mercy will take all our fears away.

                            -- by Pete Voelz         4/04

Thursday, August 13, 2015

True Love Entwined

Love’s not true love unless it is entwined
with God’s own love where all true love is from,
for God is love, to Whom true love must bind,
the source of love that makes His Kingdom come.

True love is a commitment meant to last,
not just with feelings that can lead to sin,
through thick and thin and pain, true love holds fast,
quite independent of the mood we’re in.

True love’s not blind, nor just part of some trance,
but like God’s love, it’s unconditional,
true love takes work and courts in constant dance,
with God it makes a lifelong miracle.

God’s love gives love its own true deep allure,
that grows with years to true love strong and sure.

                                by Pete Voelz         8/13/15

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Do I Count, God?

 O God, I ask You, do I really count?
“I loved, before I knit, you in the womb.”*
You love me but how much is the amount?
“Forever infinite beyond the tomb.”

And too I ask You, Lord, why do I matter?
“With unconditional love, no explanation.”
Why should I stay with You while others scatter?
“For you I made the world and all Creation.”

You love me lots, but how much am I worth?
“For you I sent My Son to suffer and die.”
But how much me compared to all on earth?
“Because you are the apple of My eye.”

Lord, You are worth it and count more than me,
“Well, just you wait for heaven, then you’ll see.”

* Jeremiah 1:5

                           by Pete Voelz         8/8/15

Friday, August 7, 2015

Seamless Life

God makes all life and to all life He gives,
there never is a time when He’s not giving,
God gives us spiritual life that lives and lives,
there’ll never be a time when we’re not living.

Around us all the physical things are dying,
their nature is to pass away and die,
our spiritual life lives on without our trying,
our nature is to live and not to cry.

God’s always been and He will never end,
His gift of life to us He’s always sending,
our body-souls will rise and once more blend,
our life will be forever never-ending.

You lead us, Lord, to life we’re always winning,
when we die, seamless life is just beginning.

                         by Pete Voelz        8/8/15